Friday, 10 February 2012


As a child (maybe just like you) I loved to ride my bicycle, it equalled freedom; two spokey doked wheels, the wind in my hair, blue skies above, my besties beside me & always a venture awaiting. They were the days and hey, and they still are!! Many moons on I still love pedal power and find much enjoyment in sharing this experience with my loved ones.

After ...browsing through a few cycling forums recently I was quite taken aback, it seems many people are extremely wary of riding with traffic or simply feel they have nowhere to ride, no group suits their needs or they haven’t been inspired by the biking they’ve been doing, they have young children and feel they can’t get out there etc ,etc (excuses, excuses) so their treadlie is sitting pretty in a dark place. This all made me think about how much I love getting outdoors especially on my bike and how easy that is, what a fantastic form of transport biking it is, it’s a pleasure making sweat not smoke enjoying my own horse power with my family and so I have been inspired to begin Ballarat Bicyclist; a recreational community, family friendly bicycling group who would be spoked to share the ride with you

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